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Spin Knight

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Author Comments

The web version of Spin Knight is cancelled.

If you liked the game, check it out the updated windows version here.



  • Space & Backspace: Add or remove a player
  • Enter: Start the game


  • Arrow keys: Move player 1
  • WASD: Move player 2
  • Z&X: Choose upgrades
  • Space: Try again

How to play

You are the white character. Spin your weapon and smash the bugs. There is no end, go as far as you can.

The Hoppers will alternate between waiting and jumping. They can only damage you while jumping which is shown by the blue arrow.

The Shellers can't take damage until you break their shell. Once broken they'll slowly reel it in so you can finish them off or deal with something else.

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What a bizarre movement system. I feel like it can be mastered, but it's beyond me for now.

I love the idea of every upgrade also buffing the enemies in some way, so you get to pick your poison. You can sometimes get the same combination of upgrades and downsides on both choices. Maybe you can re-roll the options if that happens in a future update.

There's not a lot here right now. No music or sound, only a couple of upgrade options and one enemy type. Maybe I'll update this if more is added.

eniotna308 responds:

Thank you for trying the game and leaving feedback!

The movement sure is unique and I'm quite happy to have a result like that. It's very raw right now and there are a couple things I can consider to make it more manageable (maximum speed, easier to brake...) but first, I want to gather a little bit of feedback.

Preventing the same combination on both side is on my list of small improvements and tweaks to make.

It's a small scale project but there is still a bit of work to do before it's finished. There will definitely be more enemies and more tweaks to the gameplay, maybe even a boss after a couple of waves. Better art, sounds and music are not a priority since they are not my main skills. Once I'm happy with the content and gameplay, I'll see if I want to polish it up or move on to something else.

I very much like the concept of the game, even though its simple. However, there are some issues involving the controls. I get that you upgrade your movement while playing, but I found it almost too slippery to enjoy at the start.

I find the swinging to be hard to control at times, maybe the swing can be controlled by the mouse instead. Maybe some power-ups sprinkled around the map on occasion would help spice things up.

eniotna308 responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback!

I could very well make the game less slippery at the start by making it easier to brake. And there definitely needs to be more things happening in the game. I'll keep the power-ups in mind but first, I'll make some more monsters types and see where to go from there.

However, I like that the swing isn't easy to figure out, I feel like it makes it more unique. (I also want to keep the single joystick gimmick.) Increasing the brakes should still make the game easier to pick up.

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2021
6:18 PM EST
  • GameMaker Studio 2