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Silver Lining Episode 9

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Hey guys... 

First Skit of this year... Or something not sure.

I hope you have an awesome day...

God bless.








#silverlining #fun #weeb

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wow cool

AguRex responds:

Hai... Thanks a lot. 🙂

Less than half of this was the actual animation. Got to cut down the the intro. You just have to. And unfortunately for this vid, the intro had more interesting animation. Theres many ways you could have made this more interesting. Playing with different camera angles, or visualizing what they're talking about. You clearly have a grasp on drawing, so push it more. Also, make a version for NG where you don't have all that fluff in the end. Not telling you to not endorse yourself, but condense it.
Just some things to think about for your next one.

Get off the green haha

ok guy!

AguRex responds:


hold up im gonna go cute my leg off ill be right back

AguRex responds:

Disclaimer... Don't do it.