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The Story of the Frackin' Rabbit

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My newest project is an animated music video for my dad - his protest song, The Story of the Frackin' Rabbit

Music and Lyrics by Carl Cameron

Sound by Rob Bentley

Animation by Carmen Cameron

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Nice anim) Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. I mean politics

I love this so much!!! also I love your artstyle, amazing :) Did you use Tvpaint for this animation?

cecameron responds:

Thank you! I used flash and photoshop cs6 for this video : )

I live the Texas so I feel your pain.

Like most "my story animated" videos, this one uses heavy exaggerations & combines multi stories while ignoring any progress that has been made; however, I think more effort can be put into making the exaggerations funny. For example if you going to steal the unrelated deforestation from the Lorax, don't simply replace the Lorax with the bunny. If you going to steal the Teflon 50 years water pollution effects that started before the chemical right to know laws existed where Dupont deliberately continued to violate those laws by spraying local rivers with an unregulated & unreported chemical; then at least include the Teflon logo.

Yo I love this