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Skeletons and Skulls

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CONTROLS: WASD/Arrow keys to move, left/right mouse button to attack, 1,2 and 3 number keys to summon skeletons.

This is a submission to the Brackeys 2021.1 game jam. The theme was "Stronger together" so i made a game about a necromancer who summons skeletons to help himself.

If the browser lags too much you can download a standalone build here (its free dont worry, also highly recommended as it should lag way less): https://cheesebaron2.itch.io/skeletons-and-skulls


Just a small update to polish up a few small things.

Added 2 skeletons, a really strong enemy and a new item.

Also made it more clear when you can attack (and even made it just a bit faster).

Also tried to optimize it but i dont really know if it works so i very much recommend to just download the standalone version.

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you know your luck is horrible when the game spawns you in the middle of a horde

I got to floor 88! I have to admit this game is my favorite in Newgrounds! Oh, anyone asking how I did it? Well, this is how it works: Get the buff *bag of souls* then get the skeleton *shothead* (but don't replace the first spinning head) then after that get all necessary buffs for your reaper such as hunger, hot feet, good nose, health, soul hand, extra life, etc. but never replace your two spinning skulls!

Love it

10/10 I love this addicting game. I'm making an account for the first time just to comment this, the only way I've found so far into the later game is to stack nothing but orbitals and use stuff like more health, scythe damage and bloodlust. I know this is an old game but any chance we can play the downloadable version in fullscreen?

i fucking adore this game. it's like witnessing a dungeon gang war. 10/10