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Sie in: The Passage

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Sie in: The Passage

"A Very Simple Platformer" 2.5 out of 5


The Bad:

The controls at the bottom of the screen, their function I'm guessing is for phone play, can block some enemies in some levels, making the gameplay nto anymore difficult, but somewhat annoying.

I wish there was a different song played at least every other level or so, not the same doo doo doo song.

The enemies could have more character, not in their appearance, which I find okay, but their attacks and movement. Have some jump or stationary are just some ideas.

On some levels towards the middle of the game, especially level six, there is a point where you must go right in order to proceed, transporting you to the top of the map. When you do, there are spikes. This was most likely done as a difficulty factor. I found it rather difficult without reward. Its first encounter made me think of bad design, but others may otherwise.

Is the background missing texture?

I was disappointed to see that the final level was nearly the exact same as a previous level. Level ten, I believe.


The Good

I enjoyed the different drops leading to different places on level eight.

At first, the music was fun and engaging.

Easy gameplay.

Most likely cross-play.



Most likely a quickly made platformer without much ingenuity or value. However, a game anyone can play and I enjoyed my short time playing it.

siejogos responds:

Thanks friend, thank you very much for your opinion, I will try to improve in the next updates, because it was done in a week just for testing, because I am entering this branch now and I intend to improve, thank you.

Credits & Info

2.72 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2021
8:49 PM EST