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Too Real : Foamy The Squirrel

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**Some FLASHING IMAGES **** Around 2:00 to 2:08, 2:27 to 2:32 and 5:24 to 5:30.

When you realize logical conversation is a hopeless endeavor.


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I like how the one who's actually speaking truthfully and logicly is Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks.

I have watched Foamy for a very long time and I’m glad you continue to produce these and I hope you continue to give us many more squirrel rants. Great video.

Foamy always been ahead of the game. :) Still feel like the overly outlined eyes do make him seem preeetty angry, even if he's not, even if he's more so openly contemplative for the sake of self-betterment as he is here, mostly... you really get a different impression if you watch this or just listen to it.

Good stuff though.


Conceit and ignorance are a deadly combination. Foamy keeps fighting to keep 'em seperated

Howdy Foamy. I just wanna start with, I first found your stuff some time around 2006.
Loved it then, love it now. Keep doing you little squeaky dude.. I'll just be here silently listening and absorbing. Have a good day.
(Also, yes I was probably too young at that time to watch your content, I was literally seven, but I was stupid and had very little grasp of what in the hell anything was about.)