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The Game of Games

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Author Comments

Controls -

Movement = Arrow keys.

Interact/select option = Enter key

Back = Number pad - 0/ins

This is a draft for a short video game made for a university assessment. The main game consists of the quiz in the classroom. After the main game is completed there is some additional exploration of the game world available.

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Awesome! I get that this is a uni project so I liked that it wasn't all educational stuff. The small touches like the cheat sheet in the room, blowing up the computer and pulling the fire alarm in the hallway gave me a good laugh. You should consider making an open world game where we can just run around and cause chaos with everything we touch. It could be fun, I'd totally be down to play that!

CrystalBCU responds:

Thank you for your feedback! That's an interesting idea!

I kind of like this one, though the only one that is not done is the 4th book so...might wanna try making one for the 4th one.

CrystalBCU responds:

Hi Kizono, thanks for your feedback! Because this is for a university assessment there's a time limit on the main part of the game, so a fourth book would definitely put me over the time limit. I'm thinking I might remove it altogether. :)

Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2021
7:34 AM EST
  • RPG Maker MV