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Let Her Know (Or Something)

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A nice song with a bad ending.

Animation: Joe Gran

Backgrounds: Joe Gran and Danielle Kogan

Vocals/voice of Audrey: Danielle Kogan

Voice of Victor: Deny Pombo da Silva

Music: Joe Gran

Sound effects: Chris Fern

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time to go cry cuz of the ending

I love it. I love these siblings, the wholesome and cute interaction that you've created for them and these little songs, which seem to be Audrey's thing (but I liked the one from Audrey and Victor more, it seemed like an actual intro to a show).
I also loved the reference to the dog of wisdom and how the pup actually sang with Audrey. Anyways, this is fantastic. My only criticism is that, based on other animations from you, I know that you could've made it more fluid animation-wise, with more frames.

Again, it's excellent, tender, wholesome and... well, sad. And I feel that anyone that has a good relationship with their brother or sister will feel related to these two... and that's something to praise.

This is now my favorite animation! The song was very catchy.
Well done pal, have a new follower. You deserve it!

Nice song :), sad ending :ยด(

Cute Song.