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Ice Cream Maker Deluxe.

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Hi TheComicFan, looks like you've uploaded someone's first game in Scratch. So, It's about serving Ice Cream, and I can pick from a huge amount of toppings and flavors.

I've got some comments for things to maybe think about going forward.

1) Be mindful of layer order and what things are in front and what things gets brought to the front. When the cat characters thanks me for the ice cream, the ice cream is always behind him. It looks like he's carrying out the ice cream I just made, so we should be able to see this.

2) Story - There is a lot of room in games for you to say "This" is the story and what's happening, and I accept it and then move on into gameplay. But you should give a little more story to help set up the game. Why am I serving ice cream? To whom am I serving Ice Cream. What happens When they like what I serve them. What happens if I don't make the right thing. Right now, I'm making ice cream and they thank me for the ice cream. Personally, I'd like a little bit more about the characters, and the ice cream, because I was never sure I was giving that cat exactly what he wanted.
3) In the recipe book, you list flavors of all the ice cream with lots of information. Some of these flavors are little hard to tell apart. Maybe try to make them look a little more different or label them so I know what I'm putting on.
4) As you go forward in game design, think about what is fun for you, and how you can make it fun for us players. Think about the story, or at least a big idea to hold the game to. I like to say that a game is fun based on how many times I want to play it, how long I play it, and If I want to come back and play more later.
5) It's important in game for the player to be able to play the game again. The current standard for this to to use the "R" key to restart or play again. Personally, I feel if a game takes less than 5 minutes to play through, you should have a replay button at the end. In other types of games where more accuracy or perfection are required for badges, achievements, or in-game requirements, "R" should be used as a reset trigger from inside the game.

Hope these comments help, and curious to see if you update this game, or where your next game goes ^_^

this is pretty lit fam

Credits & Info

2.71 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2021
12:02 PM EST