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Ravenge Alpha 1.2

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Author Comments

Just a test game, basic mechanics.

  • scary music instead of the cheerful one from before
  • polished sound effects a bit
  • created mouse only controls instead of keyboard

Just mouse!

  • Left click - shoot
  • Right click - stand ground

Recommend full screen by pressing that blue button bottom right.

I need feedback, please

  • Anything else is annoying or stupid?

(the rat does not do anything so far, also the crates don't do anything yet, they will be powerups)

I hope you guys keep safe and have a great weekend!


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From ohio ahh children books to something?!?!?!? yowsa!

It's kind of a pain to control. The cursor is super sensitive. I think it would help if you were able to move your mouse in more than just in a circle around the character. The stand your ground thing helps with the automatic movement thing but it doesn't undermine the aiming. If there's anything nice I can say I think the pixel art, while simple, looks nice! I also like that the arrow sticks onto the birds. This has promise, but it's current control scheme is kind of all over the place. Especially that sensitivity. You should put an option to change it in a menu alongside a volume slider.

Domo76 responds:

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out with a constructive feedback!
I agree about sensitivity, and if it is not very complex thing to create, I will implement it.
Great suggestion for the mouse pointer! I will put it on my to do list as well, but this one will go a bit below. I am just beginning learning Unity and this is actually done by following a tutorial I found on YouTube (by CouchFerret). It means changing the things that have been done over there can backfire on me and take too much time.
Now I am just working on the player's HP system, then those crates should give you upgrades etc. So, from where I am standing now, it is better to finish those things first. If I am left over with some time, I will do my best to tweak controls system for the better.
Oh, and thanks, I like the pixel art as well. The background isn't mine though, I got it online for free :-)

My suggestion :
I think there should be a mouse sensitivity option-
The music is a lil bit too much but still fitting!
Night time for hard mode?
and coins from chests for upgrading weapons!

Domo76 responds:

Thank you! I really don't know is it difficult to add the mouse sensitivity,but it probably can be done. I will try when I get a chance...
Night time hard mode is also a clever idea, I like it! I will put it in the ideas pool and hopefully I can make it as well. And yes, the music is a bit over the top, but it is so good that it can still go... I will just make it much quieter at the begining while leaving option to increase volume.

The music is better but it has a trap sounding under beat thats a little distracting, also its a little bit loud. its overpowering the sound effects.
Other than that everything is fun and looks good. Is there going to be other screens to travel to?

Domo76 responds:

Alright, I will reduce the music volume, perhaps it will make it less distracting simply by the fact it will be more silent.
I think this will be just this single screen in the game. It is because I am not an experienced programmer. I will first try to round up this mini game as a small but polished project. That way I hope to avoid being stuck fixing some troubles that would surely come along with a bigger project.

Credits & Info

2.64 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2021
1:35 PM EST