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Custom Defense (Demo)

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Author Comments

The game is only a demo and will become a full game if it interests the players.

Please report any bugs, glitches, or bad visuals in the comments.

Reviews would be appreciated.

Full game will include: many more enemies, towers, levels, level features, an enemy list, a tower list, and more!

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even though It is a demo it it really solid but I feel like there is a lot of room for improvement some examples.

1. have more levels because only 6 levels makes it a 10 minute game

2.if the layout is going to be the same way I feel like you could maybe put it out on mobile

3.it feels like you dont get enough towers if you want to get perfect on everything.

4. make more tower variety like maybe one that put poison on the ground and the enemy touches the glue they get hurt.

5.make upgrades

6.maybe make a store to get extra towers for the next level

7.make modes like if the full game will come there could be demo mode,adventure mode,survival mode,creative mode,story mode, and multiplayer mode

and finally 8. make in game currency no not premium in game currency I mean like depending on how well you did you can get some and dont make it like you get 3 money if you perfect a level and something costs 10,000 so then the player would have to do an in app purchase.

I know I am asking for a lot it is just because I feel like this has a lot of potential and I mean A LOT of potential.

This game is pretty enjoyable!you always need to have a strategy in every level,making this game even more enjoyable!this game rocks!

GreaterPixel responds:

Wow thank you!

could use some music

I think this is a really solid demo and I'm excited to see how you develop it further. A few notes I had about it...

1) The Tangerine enemy is the only enemy type I found that had some bugs. When the Orange split too close to the edge of the screen, a Tangerine spawned half off the screen and couldn't path-find, rendering it immobile.

2) The Tangerine enemy frequently clips through corners of walls and I've had one travel through one immediately after spawning.

3) A restart button being available during a level would be great. It's not a hassle exiting to the menu and reloading the level, but a button to make the process quicker would be nice.

4) More variation like you said you're planning would really improve the game. I think it'd be cool to have trap blocks like landmines that deal high AOE damage once (and don't respawn) or some sort of slime trap that slows down all enemies walking on it.

Like I said, I think this is a really great foundation for a game and I'd love to see posts from you documenting update progress if you decide to continue with it.

GreaterPixel responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Ive tested out the game again and saw the bugs you were talking about. Ill be fixing that for sure. And yes I will have the features just like you described in-game. Thanks for trying out the demo :)

Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2021
4:25 PM EST