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Author Comments

Newgrounds seems pretty cool lol. This was really the first game that I was ever proud of, some day I wanna revisit the concept and make a longer game out of this. Maybe not too much longer, but something at least. Hope you enjoy! Source code can be found at DPS2004/ld45: ludum dare 45 (github.com)

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intense and pretty fun!

pretty fun! the dashing is a bit janky and the bullets can be hard to read at times, but overall think this is a pretty simple and neat concept

Time: 151.9333 Seconds
Deaths: 46

Pretty fun to try dodging, but I would seriously recommend adding more of an animation to the dash (like a color around the edge of the cat) while the invincibility is still on.

I (while also understanding that this is a Pico-8 game) think that if it had a slightly larger room it would be easier to traverse (It's definitely possible, but a lot of the time it felt like luck that I had crossed a room. Perhaps this is one of the things you can change if you decide to make it a full game?).

I like the way that it builds up, and I also think the music was tense and matched the danger of each room.

I was able to understand how to defeat the boss without clear indication, but I think it might help to point it out a little more,

Add a leaderboard tracker! It would be fun to practice/compete to get a better time.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Good luck on making a full game if you decide to!

I got to the red cat, but couldn't figure out what I'm supposed to do.

Some of the later levels were pretty rage inducing. A snap-to-grid movement might be better.

I couldn't even get past the menu screen other than the "load" option, neither option worked for me when I pressed enter. I don't have a controller on me at the moment so i think you should make alternate controls available in the description. i didn't even get a chance to see what the game was about :L