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CAPCOM's cashing in a on a hot trend. (Yes, I am aware I have only one joke.)

Gave myself a week to slap together an animatic, just as a challenge. Fairly rough week, mates.

All my animations have taken months to make, so I get frustrated at not uploading things. Really wanted to see what I could do with a heavy crunch. The only work done out of the time limit was the original idea script and watching trailers to see what the hell this big mommy vampire was about.

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Programs Used:

-Clip Studio Paint


-DaVinci Resolve

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Ah yes, simplords. I hope þe actual game is somewhat decent, and I PRAY þat þey arnt relying on tall lady to sell copies.

I hope youre okat btw. Please be gentle to yourself, king.


If Imma be honest...this was weird, but on the other hand, true. They're just cashing in on some dumb trend. Though, it is a smart play from Capcom

Hopefully, Lady Dimitrescu will be a kick-ass antagonist in RE8.

Yeah, that was really weird. I mean, I had no idea what was going on. I guess you have to know more about "Resident Evil". This still confused me. It didn't seem finished. It was like a bunch of rough sketches.

I appreciate it for being unique. It just seemed to be too random. I didn't really like seeing her. Well, most people like it. It isn't really for me.