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Battle For Sanity 0.0.1 (formerly Unnamed_RPG)

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Author Comments

This is an old version of the game and playing it is not recommended anymore - I will release a newer version soon


This was originally a joke project I used for learning RPG Maker, but it turned into something more serious with time.

What do you guys think so far. I wonder if some of the jokes are making the story feel less intense/believable. Should I remove them, change them a bit or should I basically just keep everything the way it is?

Update: Since I probably lost a lot of players over not knowing where to go I added some short directions at some points in the game. Also made some other small changes.



arrow keys: movement

enter/space: talk/select

escape: cancel/open menu

alternatively you can use your mouse for everything, too




-> some enemy sprites


-> facial sprites for kai


-> hornet sprites


-> icon set


-> plugins for many of the game's mechanics

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I relate to the main character because "mass produced advice" doesn't work for me either, and it's because I have ADHD so I think MC has either ADHD and\or some other learning differences because of that.

I Really Hate the black haired woman. She's such a bitch XP

A fun little game! For a first time RPGMaker project, it's very decent! I was going to go off on a whole spiel, but I think pharrex covered just about everything I'd say. That's an outstanding review.

In regards to the typos and dialogue, I'm a professional editor by trade, and I wouldn't mind taking some of my free time to help you go through the typos and tidying up the dialogue. If this becomes a more serious project, keep that in mind!

DepressedHarold responds:

That is a great offer. I am not really sure, where I will go with this project in the future, but in any case having some help with the dialogue would be a nice relief.
How would this actually work in practice? Would you give me a list of mistakes and recommended changes or would you edit things in the game itself?

I was just about to work on my game when I came upon this little gem. First of all I like it! Keep the jokes and quirks of the characters, it adds charm. Keep up the good work!
Also if you wouldn't mind, give my game a look would ya? Thank ya friend!

I like it how it is.

Hey there DepressedHarold. I'm in the process of playing your RPG. You've gotten a hold of RPG maker and some high-quality sprites and effects, and I can see you have a lot of work in this. I'll be adding here as I get it, but since this is an RPG, I don't know if it'll take me 2 hours or 200 hours to play through the whole thing. So be patient with me, as I'll be updating and messaging with things I find along the way and suggestions! And... since it's an RPG, expect this list to get extensive.

1) Door and paths! You have numerous doors that appear to be open but I can't walk in them, in particular the first town (not the castle). Also, there are paved paths to the side of buildings that hint at being able to walk behind or go in side entrances that don't do anything. To be fair though, these make the paths looks dynamic, but now I will forever have to check every single one to see if I'm missing something important.

2) If you have an NPC standing behind a desk, I think it needs some basic dialogue, something there to let me know to come back later, or that NPC doesn't do anything like a "..." or something. In particular 2 of the 3 people at desk in the building to the left of the bar in the castle don't talk to me or do anything. The center figure does *thumbs up*

3) There are lot of sprites I can climb on top of, like bookshelves and things like that, again, I keep thinking these are secret paths, but really they are sprites with no boundaries on. The shop next to the hotel in the 2nd town.

4) There are a lot of typos. Also the dialogue of characters seems to be inconsistent. Sometimes you skate in and out of full words and then use shorthand and abbreviations. It's hard to get a sense of the characters when they keep changing how they talk.

5) 4) I love the random NPC with weird things. "I like tramping, does that make me a tramp?" OR "I'm looking for a job.. / I'm walking in circles..."

6) When buying items from stores, you have 2 stat screens, the first (top) is the actual item, the 2nd (right) is my currently selected character. Maybe just add a red color or something to items my currently selected character can't equip. I keep buying items thinking I can use them when I can't. This is mostly me, and not a design flaw, you've got it there. Just asking to make this slightly more obvious.

7) When i enter town at some point I force interact with "cute girl" and get the catmonster prompt. However, going inside the inn, I can interact with that same NPC upstairs like we've never spoken before. This carries on 2 separate dialogue with this character. She probably doesn't need to be inside the inn, after I've talked to her outside, or she's in the inn at first, and just has a hint at her future quest. Also, the game locks using spark fighting the cat monsters. And going back to the inn and resting spawns 2 of her, one that joins my party, and 1 that stays there with the dialogue. The one from outside disappears, so that must be the one that's correctly configured.

8) Autopathing doesn't take me around ladders or stairs, these should be considered obstacles when using mouse controls, especially in caves.

*Update* So it's a shorter version with the single main questline for now. You're off to a great start.
And there is still a lot here to expand on like creatures and expanding on a lot of the interaction from the first cut scene, reentering the tournament, etc... etc... . I hope you get more soon!

DepressedHarold responds:

Thank you for your great review! This is actually my first time uploading this game here and it is still in a rather early state.

1)Yeah I was a bit lazy there, the general rule for the current state of the RPG is that when the door is black it means it does not exist yet. But I get the point that you would naturally check everything.

2)That place was actually not really developed yet. I thought I would keep that part of the castle area as kind of an easter egg and did not really expect people to investigate it. but point taken, npcs without dialogue feel weird.

3)That was not supposed to happen, I will have to check my tileset for wrong configurations.

4)Noted, I will think about that in the future.

5)That's nice. I was a bit concerned whether it would feel off in a story that's actually supposed to be serious, but maybe I should actually keep this as my style. I would feel really guilty about removing those jokes.

6)I'll see if I can improve this. Since I used a plugin for the shop I am not sure, if I can realistically work on this.

7)I think this this is actually not a clone of cute girl and not her mother, who has more straight hair? Maybe they look too similar?
The game lock with spark is pretty concerning, that did not happen to me before when playtesting, I will look into that.
Update: I did not have any difficulties problems there, is it actually a completely game crashing lock or just a delay? If it just pauses this is caused by the game downloading the animation the first time it is used.

8)I'll see, if I can fix that

Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2021
5:41 PM EST