Madness vs Rayman DELUXE

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I really love the Rayman games and I wanted to make a stop motion animation of him, but that would be basically impossible because he doesn't have arms and legs. So I made The first puppet to look like the mad men from madness combat.

So on May 19, 2019, I made a stop motion movie about Rayman kicking the living hell out of a rabbit.

You can see the editing is shit, because I was using Imovie on my Ipad. inside of drag and drop sounds and photos, I need to make the sounds myself and use an app on my phone. 

 Soon after that, I made the first madness day movie with rayman in it and it was edited with Filmora9. And it’s so much better than the Imovie.

Fun fact, The movie was going to be shorter with Rayman only killing the rabbits. It was going to end with that, but I had a lot more time, so I added in the shariff stealing the boombox and Rayman trying to get it back. I needed some reason for that. But most Madness movies have no Reason.

I also made a little video on youtube to advertise this movie and tell the story of how he’s not in SMASH but I made a new Rayman puppet and it made the old puppet look like shit because it was falling apart.

This was the same time I hated SMASH BROS. but I don’t any more. It’s a great game but I still hate the world of light story mode.

I’m not making a link because I deleted my old youtube channel and I don’t know where the file is...So it's gone forever…FUCK.

What I’m trying to say is I always thought of making a Deluxe version of that 2019 Madness day movie with better animation, better Hank and Rayman puppet, with a little pinch of TF2 in it… just for fun. You might find some cameos like Enganer, Sniper, Rayman as Spy, and Pyro.

I also realize that Hank and Rayman never had a real fight. Yeah there was the What-If? episode of Death Battle, in the death battle fandom wiki. But I wanted something more. I wanted to make a movie. I thought I wouldn't get this done in time. So I animated the finale battle first. When I saw I still had time, I animated the rest of the scenes. That’s the magic of editing. 


Great tip: If you're making a Short Cartoon film but you don’t think you'll get it done in time. Just animate the most important scenes, like the ending and hope you still have time to do the rest. 

But if you don’t have time, then just edit all the scenes together. It may not be the full film you wanted, but when you're on a deadline. You have to make little sacrifices.

Now I just realized there some pause moments and I could edit that out, but it’s too late

This movie took like a mouth to make.

Thank you guys so much for watching this movie and reading this.

And thanks to @DESHIEL for letting me use his music for free.

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That was really good. Creative, true to form in more ways than one and very talented animation! Loved the weapon effects.



This is original but i don't like it very much

Mad Fortress 2