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Sam Gives You an Update

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I wish we could make more episodes ourselves, and it'd be so lovely because so many people from the project want to work on it again, but while we're pitching we can't very well go on telling our story and give away the concept we're trying to sell for free. Just wanted to give you a message so nobody wonders whatever happened to us.

Re: the video, Jason has now written for Red vs Blue (s16/17), Gen:LOCK, and the upcoming Crunchyroll anime Freakangels.

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I'm an animator at Big Jump. Looking forward to working on the show whenever it gets greenlit! I'm sure it will be if you persist... there cannot be enough space.

Best of luck moving forward with all this, I remember really enjoying the first entry to this project back when it was released. I hope we someday get to see more of these characters, but regardless I'm still really impressed with what we got

Nicely Animated and Voiced! and Great Lip-syncing!

Still crossing my fingers. I really hope you guys can make it!

Yeah, it has been awhile. While this wasn't much, I still enjoyed it. It's always nice to get an update or two on your progress. I can wait. There's an infinite number of videos to watch online. I can wait for anything!

This should get its own section. It started off wonderfully. More than I can say for this year. You always have good animation. You can do a lot with your creativity.