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Vending - Now with $GME

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You are holding $GME and need to kill time.

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I feel like killing myself. I should have bought it at sub $3 back in March 2020. I sold it at $5. MOASS, diamond hands. Now I bought at $327 and bagholding until Papa Cohen takes it from me.

Not sure the point. but its kinda cool i guess. add a high score table!

Nice, background kinda hurts my eyes a bit but Im probably a baby. Also Id make the hitbox a little smaller or the sprite sprite a little bigger just to sway it in the players favor a bit.

diegocorando responds:

Thank you for your input! Means a lot!

This is somehow relaxing. It is also a big step to something great, and you've made numerous improvements from your previous version of the game, please keep in mind I have a lot of comments because there's a lot here to work with, and that's a good thing.

GAMEPLAY - What I like is that this game actually scales in difficulty in more than one way, and the animation is smooth and it's oddly relaxing. And I think there's a fun game mechanic here with the size and speed of your token being reduced as you take damage. Seriously, that mechanic could make for some really fun things with other applications. At 100 health and full size this game doesn't really seem to have much to it, but after taking some damage and getting down to like 10-20 hp, with the speed and size drastically reduced, a real panic sets in as these normal cookies start to seem like planet sized cookies threatening to obliterate you, so there are now real consequences to what you're doing.

HITBOXES & SPRITE SCALING - An actual issue with this is as your token gets smaller, and your speed reduced, your hit box is still larger than your token, smaller than normal, but still larger than the actual graphic. This is really important to scale the hitbox and sprite size correctly to each other in these types of reaction/dodge games. I'm finding that I can get close to the cookies and still take damage even though the sprites are 5-6 pixels away. The other issue is that around 7-9 health, I find the best strategy is to just just hide in the corner racking up my score, and my reduced hitbox helps this along pretty well. Maybe adding hazards or something around the perimeters and corners so I can't just nestle safely in the corner. Also when I get around 10HP and lower, the sprite gets super hard to see. At 5hp and lower, it's pretty disorienting trying to find a black pixel against a scrolling black background. Just tweak the color to keep it contrast?

UI - Please give us a pause button, and at least an "R" for restart. I always advise to give us a splash screen with a menu to, so we can see the name of the game, who made it, etc. We also don't need to see the HP carried out to any decimal places. instead of 24.9999999 Just make it 25 :) Also there's a jerking motion when the game ends, like it's trying to scroll back to a fixed position on the map. This is very disorienting, and can probably just stay at a static screen when you die.

SCALING + SCORE - I think one more component to your scoring could be your hp adds a multiplier to your score. So you're actually encouraging the player to not get it and go straight to a micro token. 100% HP could be 10x score scaling, 1 HP could be 0.1% score scaling. Also, since you're keeping score, please allow for a high score so i can at least compete against myself.

DAMAGE - I played this game about 15 times, but still couldn't get a sense for how damage works. It's not consistent at all, sometimes I take 10HP, sometimes I take 100HP and instantly die. Maybe you take a flat damage with a second of flashing and invulnerability, so I know 100% I got hit.

Overall I think you have a lot of things heading in the right direction. You can do a lot with this, including customizing cans, unlocking different drinks, add score/speed effects. Add some sound effects and music, etc... Considering where this is at, you're on your way to something really good! It's a fun game, but it's still pretty rough in terms of what it could be, and there's more to do with it. I look forward to seeing what you do!

diegocorando responds:

Thank you so much for your input, I am new in the game development scene. Your input is greatly valuable and I am improving vastly with time. Stay tuned to what is coming!

unityload toim augh

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2.67 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2021
2:58 PM EST