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Im In Flash

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IM IN FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not much going on in this movie. Good lip syncing and facial expressions though.

GrayAnimations responds:

thanks bud. this was just a test. and it ended up being a good one lol

toom boon nah be in flash

This is the last we saw of Grayson before he was arrested for the mandatory minimum of 27 years on multiple accounts of public indecency, most noteably, flashing (hehe I won comedy).

GrayAnimations responds:


Hes in flash hiding from the police in the real world

GrayAnimations responds:


What's the punchline? I understand random humor, but it's literally just a few seconds of a guy saying he's in Flash set to terribly compressed audio. As for the Animation, it's ok, and I understand it's sorta shitposty, but you really need to improve your lineart because even in your real art, from what I've seen, it's pretty mediocre.

GrayAnimations responds:

Lol there isn't a punchline. It's just a cute toon i animated in 15 minutes. It wasn't supposed to be funny, just to get a smile on someone's face cuz of the fact it's just cute.
I didn't use many keyframes because, again, it was rushed, and the audio was for the immersion. usually the audio in old flash cartoons weren't good cuz of them not using swivel. I even added the SWF file for more immersion. Leave it alone man. It's just CUTE CUTE CUTE haha.