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Lost My Toy

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Author Comments

This is a submission to the global Game Jam with some bug fixes, the original build can be downloaded here

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It's simplistic and easy to understand, plus it helped me destress :) But there isn't much game play, so it's easy to grow bored playing this.

High Score: 145

This game is rather simple, but it works.
I think if you added different difficulties (or custom stuff to change the timer/amount of animals are added per round) that it would make it more interesting. A leaderboard may also help (I would only recommend you either add one of the two customs or only add different difficulties if you decide to do so)

I would also like to add that the graphic on the timer does not reset until it starts counting time for the next round. Maybe add some code so that it shows that immediately before the next round starts?

Cool concept! Could have made the aesthetics better, though.

simple fun game

Hi Kegnor! I think this game has a lot of potential. I'm going to list out some comments I noticed. Please keep in mind as you read this, I personally, love to see game writers evolve and polish their work. This comes with practice and repetition. I understand you've put work into this game, and my comments aren't meant to belittle your effort, rather, I'm saying this is a great start, and here are some ideas to build and clarify what you've already done, and make things a little more consistent.

1) GRAMMAR - Punctuation and Spelling and minor grammar on the opening screen.

As you are waiting for the bus that would take you to the airport, you realize you left your favorite toy in the motel last night. After making a bit of a scene, your mother allows you to go look for it in the lost and found items, but she threatened "I'll leave without you if you don't hurry!"

2) GRAPHICS - I see you're recycling the graphics for the teddy bear, but your other toys have higher resolution linework, so maybe make your bear match this?

3) GAMEPLAY - You "left-click" a toy to move it, and can hold the mouse button down shifting things around. I think this mechanic works well for what you're doing and is the core of how your game works, and you shouldn't need to really modify this. However, when you left click the toys to move them, if you pick the level-required toy, it automatically finishes the level. When you get to higher levels, like around 250 points, I am accidentally finding the toy more than actually finding it. I'd like to suggest that maybe you have to actually grab and move the level-required toy to certain place on the screen, like a backpack just to the left of the game area, below the portrait of the this level's toy, this way, you can't accidentally click to beat the level, you have to drag the toy to the backpack so winning is always intentional. You would need to slightly increase the overall timer to keep the current pace.

4) COMPLEXITY - I like how it starts of simple, but gets more complex, quickly having to dig out from 8+ toys to find the one you need. This type of game has a lot of playability, and your formula for this game can go from a game that takes 2 minutes and people play maybe 5-10 times, to something that could take 5+ minutes, and people play 100 times.

5) PLAYABILITY - I'd like to recommend introducing a new toy or color every 15 or 20 levels to really help ramp up the difficulty. Again, if you do this, maybe add a little more time back into the clock after each level.

6) SOUND - To me personally, the level "win" sound is a bit harsh, especially hearing it repeatedly over a couple minutes. There's a lot of sound artists here on Newgrounds, and lots of inspiration to draw from, even if you're making your own. Maybe make this sound softer tones so hearing it over and over quickly doesn't get tiring. This could also be an opportunity to add 1 more sound for grabbing toys and moving them. A soft squeak, or a thump sound.

My score is based on details of the game, how many times I wanted to play it, and how fun it is to play. Right now, it needs a bit more polishing, I didn't want to play it more than about 5 times, but I did have fun playing it. I think with just a little bit more work, you could keep people playing your game more, and for longer :) Keep at it, you've got a great start!

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2021
11:11 AM EST