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Take Out The Trash

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A mother tells her son to "take out the trash" both figuratively and literally to save their home!

This was SO much fun to design and animate! I knew from the start that I wanted to try line boiling (the lines moving all the time) and I love the result! The music was also a joy to create, as I don't show my own music on this channel often. I'll have to change that soon :)

Hope you guys like this animation and song. It gave me quite a bit of practice for the action scenes and music.

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Man! I am your new fan

Fun film

So I like the text bubbles some voices with that might be a nice idea too, fun lil characters you have here and it was almost like a music video You have started with something good here, And I must say you have a pretty good flick here, Some things start out with Advanced and Excitedly ideas, You have brought your A-Game with this Movie and it shows. Looking forward to the rest of this entry. Produce good stuff and Clarify the Opportunity, So at times Movie can be like a team vs another team, And based on this one you have shown you have a good team to succeed with in the Movie world.

I like the text bubbles some voices with that might be a nice idea too



Nice choice of background music.
I like the bubbly animation style.