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Little Wolf: The Night Trail

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Sweet!! Thanks to everyone for checking this out! It has been a dream of mine to hit front page on Newgrounds since I was back in college! It took me long enough, but damn does it feel good! Thanks for your kind words, and I'll continue to create for your viewing pleasure!


Little Wolf: The Night Trail is a story of a young boy hoping not only to survive the terrors of the wild, but to prove his worth to his mentor and clan totem.

A hybrid of cgi and hand drawn illustration, Little Wolf: The Night Trail is an adrenaline-fueled romp into the dark corners of Native American monsters and lore. 

Film Festival Accolades:

Atlanta Horror Film Festival- Best Short

Freakshow Horror Film Festival- Best Animated Short

New Wave Short Film Festival- Best Animated Short

Europe Short Film Festival- Best Animated Short

Roma Short Film Festival- Finalist

Seol Short Film Festival- Finalist

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that was amazin!

ammm... its real WOW, but.. its seems like this one a pro work?
No link at the description BTW!

Dude! This is amazing, outstanding! I love the way both 2D and 3D blended almost flawlessly (even though I'm not normally a fan of CGI). It worked sooo well... You got me hooked and I sincerely hope you will be able to develop this and let your story unfold.

I read tour answers to some of the comments and I think that an alternative to only doing animation (which I understand that takes a very long time and is very expensive) is to maybe draw the comic and drop a video here and there for particularly climatic sections or chapters round ups. Another alternative would be Patreon or a Kickstarter campaign, I guess.

Returning to the animation itself, I think that maybe the only thing that I have to criticize is that I found the ending scene with the flying camera kind of disrupting because way too 3D in comparison to the rest, as if the same style wasn't kept.

Instantly fav'd and you got a new follower too!

Very good stuff

This was weldone and I call it a masterpiece Enticing is what this was and you have a nact for this sort of stuff and allthough there are some things that could be improved but I will get to that later in this review, but Quite Frankly this was a great start to what I hope will be a fantastic idea turned into a Movie adventure. Keep making facinating stuff like this. and dont forget detail is everything, some extra detail never hurt either, anyways nice entry you have here.

Its a masterpiece no changes needed


This is dope af!!