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A young Dragon's (Text) Adventure

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Author Comments

This is my first game ever made. I upload it here as I remember playing plenty of games on this site.

This game is a text adventure(or visual novel) where you play as a young dragon with a small hoard of gold and a desire to gain more treasure to add to it. Press 1 or 2 to make your choices. The game is rather small, but that's good since the first game I wanted to make was too big and complex for me to complete reasonably.

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Very f*cking lucky of me to stumble upon vore/inflation fetish porn ending, I hope there won't be anything like that in your further projects.
Note: Other user said what font doesn't fit well, but I think it fits perfectly, and any italic "fantasy" font would look ugly

MiniDragonfly responds:

Just a stupid ending to a simple game. 乁(°ﮧ°)ㄏ The next games I'm making and plan to make won't have anything to do with inflation/vore anyways.

To be honest, I have no idea what font to use for this text adventure, so I'm glad you think this font doesn't look ugly.

Drawings are nice, can't wait to see any other future projects.

MiniDragonfly responds:

Thanks. I hope to both learn more when I make more games and to make them well.

This has potential! It really does.
I think it requires a nice deal of updates with a few things: the text font is just not very fitting. It would be nice to have a softer, my fantasy-esque font, if you get my drift; and maybe some sound effect to really get you in the mood and add some excitement - I'm not saying you need a full-blown soundtrack, but a little something to listen to would be nice.

There are a few subtle grammatical errors in the text, which is of course expected. Things like the word "founded" instead of "found," but that's minor stuff someone else could help out with when polishing the game.

I like the illustrations, by the way. Simple and cute.

MiniDragonfly responds:

Thank you so much for both your criticism and pointing out how this could be better. This is the kind of critique I really appreciate! As I learn to make more games, I'll keep in mind what you said when I come back to this text adventure to improve it. ❤
As for sound, I don't know how to make music and add it to Unity(I'm taking Udemy lessons), but hopefully in a future I can learn how to do so and make it sound nicer.

I'm glad you like the art.

the art is great but the game is kinda short

MiniDragonfly responds:

I know it's really short. This was to show how well I can code and make games.
Maybe when I get a future idea for a text adventure, I'll make it longer.

Cool little text adventure, well made visuals!


I got the Earth Totem

MiniDragonfly responds:

Thank you so much. ^_^
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2021
11:01 PM EST
  • Unity