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Sock Six

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This is not a sequel. You don't need to have seen Sock 1-5 (although you should watch them!)

This is the real world. This is where I live.

I think it'd be lovely if you went to my shop to buy the SOCK SIX SOCKS


I also think it'd be extra lovely if you supported me on Patreon.


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Very intense

Well as always you have created something of great quality and different I certainly Have found that this entry was good, entertaining but most of all it kept me wanting to see more, not for the quality but because it was a little something differant then most of the other movies that do come thru here, so I do like that you have put the efort to not be the same but change it up abit. This was a refreshing Concept And I had lots of fun with it.

Its top notch stuff doesnt need any changes


Thanks Satan

okay this was actually the weirdest thing in the universe and mildly unpleasant to say the least

let's be honest and admit that we don't know what we just watched

What did I just watch