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For Greed and Glory

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For Greed and Glory is a bullet-hell arena shooter where players fight in the Dungeon of Avarice against an onslaught of enemies in order to get as much gold as possible. The God of Greed, Avarice, offers a deal to all those who enter the dungeon, allowing them to give up certain attributes in order to gain other attributes. For example, the less health they have the stronger their attack is, the less defense you have the more gold enemies drop and the less your fire rate is the more items will drop from enemies. In order to gain as much gold as possible, the God of Greed has created a test to see much you will sacrifice to become more, to see how far your greed will drive you...

This game was originally made for the Blackthornprod Game Jam #3. If you would like to experience the game in the best quality, I recommend downloading one of the standalone versions of the game here: https://mark-auman.itch.io/for-greed-and-glory

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I absolutely love this as a concept, and the detail and ideas put into it are really fun. There are a few things that I think make this slightly lower on the scale for me:

*Some sort of upgrade buying/wave system. Later floors giving more difficult enemies. Hard to program, but would be so worth it. (Overall collected gold plus a few bonus points for completing a floor would be High Score)

*Speaking of score, it is absolutely CRIMINAL that you didn't make a leaderboard for this. (To clarify, I'm not lowering score for this in particular, I just wish that it was there)

*I wish the conversions had a little bit more to them (transfer of other elements, maybe curses you can take in the wave-based format that lower certain stats for special abilities?)

Absolutely wonderful, glad I got to see this.

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3.43 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2021
6:07 PM EST