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Chaotic Heart: Loose Ends (Episode 3)

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There's some catching up to do for our bounty hunters, Kai and Indigo. New faces, new challenges, and a lot more to discover in the land of Errai. What awaits? Let's find out!

Special thanks to the patrons: Rico, SinryDinty, & Draculoni!


Comments or critique? Don't be afraid to let me know!

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Very cool

So this one here was pretty good the animation alone was pretty intense you have some good depth there for no changes are needed The animation is nice but not awesome, Doesnt mean it cant be awsome its actually decent work and is in a pretty goos shape of quality, But it still needs some Tweaking there and here and all around for some better outcomes It does have some interesting and entertaining things. all about it though and thats what drew me to this. But really other then that this flowed well and was pretty solid for the most part.

you have some good depth there for no changes are needed


Very good, as expected. High Quality.

wait this isn't loose ends, scam.

The end was so funny lol

wow its really high quality and great :D