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Lift of Dimensions

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Pretty pictures but I can't find a game in there. The UI is a bit cryptic, too. Where is the prestige mechanism and idle mechanism for changing the image without user intervention? I would suggest that the "idle/incremental" designation does not quite match this content. Totally misleading, like.

Skybox edges are too close, mouse needed to be very close to the top of the image or it would turn upside-down.
Other than that, it works.

ok ig

This is an interesting demo like game, you used very pretty skyboxes! I have some suggestions:

- It took me a little while to figure out that I have to click on the squares on top to go into another dimension, perhaps add instructions in the description of your game? Would also help to explain what this is about too
- There are a lot of visible edges around the skybox that take away from the feel of being surrounded by the skybox, maybe you can find a way to make them less visible/not visible?

This could have some very interesting uses, would love to see if this gets updated!