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Card Hog but I only had 1 hour

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This game is mobile compatible!

This is a 1 hour parody of Card Hog, made by Snoutup

You are a pig, and In my version of the game you try to kill as many wolves as possible for money. Share your high scores here, and make sure to check the original game linked above!

I also submitted it to trijam 104 with the theme: "Who let the wolves out" (yes wolves are just big dogs.


  • Click a card next to the hog to move there.

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2500 points the strategy is to not fight wolfs that you can't 1 shot and never be on the corners.
going in the spikes is acctualy fine in the start and during the game.

adriendittrick responds:

that seems like a great strategy!

2834 score, fun
Edit: New best score 3539

adriendittrick responds:

good score!

Very cool game. Simple, yet it took me a while before realizing avoiding spikes was a viable strategy. I achieved my highscore of 17578 by trying to fill as much of the screen with spikes and moving back and forth between tiles until I could leave a spike behind me. No sound though. But it's probably better than bad sound design which could have resulted from cramming it in the last few minutes of development.

adriendittrick responds:

Congrats on such a high score!

Ive played card hog before and I cannot tell the difference between that game and this one

adriendittrick responds:

thx, It means I did well!