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Mafia world

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Author Comments

Become the international mafia boss by robbing stores, pickpocketing, trading drugs and various crimes. Play with your friends and co-operate by bailing each other out of jail and doing hostage missions together - in a world inside Google Maps.

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nothing is showing up

Not too bad and a pretty solid concept! I haven't run into any Game-Breaking Bugs, however, I cant withdraw the cash from any ATM. I tried restarting my save but ran into the issue again.

Other than that, the idea is pretty solid. I do feel there could certainly be other ways early on to make money, as it takes a long time even when you have guns and do robberies constantly.

I like the drug trafficking aspect but don't quite understand how the DEA system works, I can't tell if it is all simply RNG or directly related to something, either way, a nice addition!

The gym is really lacking. Is there another way to get strength up besides training at the gym? Only getting 3 runs is rough once you get to LVL 6 Strength and above. The only way to get energy seems to be, Resting or Drinking energy drinks, this is super time-consuming and discouraging to do for any significant amount of time.

There doesn't seem to be any way to upgrade your energy amount even though you level up unless I'm not there yet. It would be nice if you got some XP towards strength when winning fights, that seems like training enough in and of itself.

I haven't run into any player but that's none too important to me.

So overall, I enjoy the game for what it is, it definitely feels inspired by Old Shockwave Browser games with the Mafia/Drug Dealer style, mostly Text-Based some GUI and Multiplayer. These seem to all have disappeared over the years, so it is nice to see the idea still being used.
With a few minor improvements to Quality-of-Life, this feels like it would be pretty entertaining!

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the detailed response!
I will look into the ATM bug. Yeah, I'm planning to update the DEA system so it's more explained.
Yeah, I will change the strength system so you get combat exp when you finish someone with a punch, that will be an additional way, right now the strength training is tedious, as you say.

I hope to make new ways to make money!

its a pretty decent game for what it is, Obviously there's a bunch of polish that needs to be done on this game but other than that I would recommend a tutorial of sorts. would definitely make things more clear

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks! I will try to make this more clear.

This is surprisingly not terrible. It is an interesting idea that with a good bit of work could become something enjoyable. There are a lot of UI things that could improve (like seeing how much money you have in the store) and some optimization (I got really laggy when other people joined). It would be cool (if possible) to have active NPCs to pickpocket instead of just one point to repeatedly click on. I feel like each weapon should have a minimum amount of damage (increasing the better the weapon) too, because what is the point of spending money on guns if I can punch harder than I shoot?

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Those are some really good ideas. I will look into rebalancing combat, although it does seem to me that using guns is generally preferable.

Interesting, but far too slow. Slow movement and lots of lag.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I updated the game so you move by clicking on the location you want to move to. The movement was too laggy, as you say.

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2021
12:50 PM EST