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Killer Become

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Author Comments

I've been making this game over the last week and decided to release it for Pixel Day 2021. The original idea was a fighting game with the technical limitations of the NES, but I quickly overcame those limitations because I felt it was necessary for gameplay and visual readability. This is the first game I've ever made and I'm really excited to show it off.

If the game screen is too big for your browser press F11 to make your browser fullscreen or ctrl+mousewheel till it's a good size for you


This game currently is LOCAL MULTIPLAYER ONLY. That means if you want to play multiplayer online, use Parsec or a similar program. I also recommend joining the Discord to find people to play with, keep up with updates, download executable releases, etc: Killer Become Discord

You can also follow my twitter for updates @Gugura_NG



Square (PS4)/X (Xbox)/Y (Switch) for attack

Cross (PS4)/A (Xbox)/B (Switch) for jump

Triggers/bumpers for block

Down on dpad or left stick for crouching

Up on dpad or left stick for looking up

Left & right on dpad or left stick for... yup, moving left and right

Share (PS4)/Back (Xbox)/Minus (Switch) for select (use this to navigate stage select and the main menu)

Options (PS4)/Start (Xbox)/Plus (Switch) for start (use this to pick options selected with the select button)


F for attack

Space for jump

Q for block

1 and 2 for select and start


K for attack

J for jump

P for block


There is a full game manual available in the Discord. I can't upload it here because it's over 10 images, but it's there if you want a basic understanding of the mechanics. I recommend looking at it.

Things I plan on adding in the future:

-Singleplayer story gamemode

-Singleplayer arcade gamemode


-More characters (for a total of six)

-More stages

-More moves

-Guard break


-Special input moves (a la dragon punch)

-Alternate character palettes

-Special character interactions (pre-fight banter, character-specific win-quotes, etc)

I simply wasn't able to finish all of these before the Pixel Day deadline, so I cleaned up a bit and released it as-is.

Special thanks to @WooDeeWoo for the character select screen portraits!

I hope you find some enjoyment out of my game :)

I really appreciate feedback as this is the first game I've ever made and I want to know what things people like and what things people dislike about it so I can make the full release better.

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The title screen music is good, but it won't start.

Outstanding job, bro! This was fun, I'm pleased with the results, and I'm glad I could contribute to this gaming project!

Gugura responds:

Thank you, but it wouldn't be as good or finished without your help


Amazing game!! Everyone try it out I highly reccomend

First of all, I'm very happy that you were able to release this game on time and I can't wait for more games from you :D I really appreciate you asking me to be a beta-tester and it's cool to see all the stuff you added since I first played the 0.1 demo!

I'm gonna start with the things you should add first, so that I end off with the compliments.

First, I think you should add some of the stuff you say in the description (join the Discord for the manual, recommended for controller, local multiplayer only for right now unless you use Parsec, etc.) in the game somewhere. Maybe in the beginning or something. Secondly, and most importantly, you should DEFINITELY work on Keyboard controls because they're a bit confusing even with you telling me the controls in the description. I'm not able to use my controller right now, but I'll take your word that it plays much better.

Now for the good stuff! I'm very glad that you and WooDeeWoo were able to collab with the art, and I think the music and art style really fits with the game. It feels exactly like an old NES game, which is a huge compliment because many games that try to go for the NES style ultimately fall flat because they don't take into consideration the limitations. I think the NES has a bunch of hidden gems on it, and I could see this game being alongside them. It's also very impressive that you did the music, sprites, and the programming yourself.

Overall, I'm very proud of what you were able to create and I can't wait for you to make even more cool things! And I'm very glad that I was able to be a part of the game's creation :)

Gugura responds:

Thanks for the help man, I appreciate it

I would add info like how to play non-locally to the game, but I feel like it'd break the immersion of a game so dedicated to its aesthetic. And I was gonna include the manual to be accessible in-game but I didn't have the time lol

Keyboard controls are rough - originally they were going to be a lot better but I was having problems with numpad keys not working well so I changed it to what's implemented currently. These keyboard controls are definitely something I'm going to iterate on and try to make more intuitive but the game is first and foremost optimized around controller play.

I'm really glad that the NES style seems authentic. I did have to break the palette and sprite color count rules just to make the game more readable a few times but that's really good to hear that despite that it still feels of that era.

Thanks for the thoughtful review and helping me with testing the game before release, it means a lot and you can definitely look forwards to more projects like this from me in the future as well as updates to this game :)

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2021
5:18 AM EST
  • Paint.net
  • Godot Engine
  • BeepBox