Revenant Rumble Episode 1

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A little project I've been working on for a while. Inspired by a lot of 2d sideroller elements. Hope you'll like it.

G-MAGNO Voiced the Zombies

I voiced the Pirate

I hope I credited the music authors correctly. if not tell me and I'll try fixing it asap.

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I have to say the subtitles are a nice touch the action scene is nice too a good pirate if I do say so myself, So first off let me start by saying its a pleasure to see stuff like this, given that its not perfect and is not the worst either But it was Cleverly done, And there are some areas that can be worked on for improvment but. I got alot of enjoyment from tis and I can really tell you have Devoted alot of time and effort to getting this done and the work does show from the quality and such.

maybe some added voice work


WINprince responds:

Thank you for this comment! Appreciate your words!

And I totally agree on the voice work. That was the original idea at first, but it was always such a pain in the ass to gather voice actors, and most of the time, you can't find the correct VA for the work plus I need female voice actresses But getting them to voice was always a pain too.

Maybe on the next episode I'll try to expand on that more. hopefully it will work out.

you gotta make a this a game!

WINprince responds:

In the right time, Stay tuned!


very cool~ smooth and fabulous. I loved that the mysterious figure is just wearing a sheet over their entire form +3+

WINprince responds:

Thank you! glad you liked it :D

WOW That is so sick!