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Welcome to hell

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Welcome to hell is a rage platformer where you have to get to the top of hell. This is a concept and isn't polished yet so don't expect much.

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Really hard, the controls you give in the tutorial are a total nightmare to use. Once I figured out you could use the arrows it was easier. I know the game is supposed to be hard, but using awkward controls to do this seems cheep.
The mechanics of the platform reveler are not bad, but when that's the whole game it get's pretty repetitive.

Not too shabby an absolute unfair nightmare, but I'm pretty sure that's what the intention was, having to hold down a key to see where platforms are is a cool idea, but honestly maybe could've been executed a bit better it's a bit redundant to have to press a key when you can just hold it down the entire time to constantly see the platforms whereas it could have just shown the platforms when you got near, overall pretty good for a concept.

Apple952 responds:

Thank you for your feedback!