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Vecho Fights prototype 1.6

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Author Comments

Support me on patreon to make this game into a full complete game with more content at:



-You can download this game at the link below:



-Wait for approximately 15 minutes for the game to load and start(Minimize this tab while you wait or download the game to play it later)

-click on the screen if the game controls are not responding

-Use google chrome browser to run this game.

-The game may skip in the beginning of first match but as you play the skipping will stop.


-If you find this game interesting you can follow me on my main game page


Subscribe to my youtube channel to get news and updates about this game at:

If you have any questions or would like to see or know more about the game , you can find me on:

https://twitter.com/BandaiJack (on twitter)


https://www.instagram.com/jackbandai/ (on instagram)


 Vecho Fights is a 2D side scroll one on one fighting game that has two characters duel in a best two out of three matches. Game play mechanism is focused on players creating deadly combos using any of the nine characters by chaining or combining their different attacks such as special attacks,boosters,juggle or ordinary attacks(punches or kicks).


The game is still in early development most of the content is still missing such as characters,arenas,arcade mode,art zone etc. These will be added with time as updates. Currently these are some of the game features :

-Six playable characters

-Five arenas or locations

-Training mode

-Battle mode which can played either as player one vs computer or player one vs player two.

-Tutorial mode

-Each character is equipped with a two punch attacks,two kick attacks,a throw/grab,three special attacks,an extra ability/attack called booster, a counter tech called logic counter and a super attack called Vecho finisher.

-Two dimensional vector art with a retro style (early 2000 flash animation).

-Juggle system that can chain any attack into a combo

-Cinematic super/ultimate attacks(Vecho Finisher)

-A traffic system that helps you determine an opponent's state such as if they are invincible or blocking based on certain colors.

-Extra costumes currently for the 6 playable characters.

-Gallery or art section called Art zone.


-Six extra unique characters 

-Twenty battle arenas or locations with background characters and objects.

-Arcade mode plus other modes such as V-ARCs (story mode).

-Character voices,in game sound effects and extra music to be added.

-Extra costumes for all 12 characters.


   Use the yellow mouse to select a mode in the main menu and other options such as difficulty setting,changing a page or dialogue.You can find information about the default controls and how the game works in the 'HOW TO PLAY' option and character's movelists in the 'COMMAND LISTS' option on the main menu screen. If controls are not responding click on the game screen to focus in.

   When fighting the AI it may be blocking constantly try using a throw/grab or crouching attack or sweep to break its guard. 

    Feedback will be appreciated after playing this game.It will help me make the game better.*note this is a prototype and is still a work in progress so expect one or two bugs. 


Minimum specs

-Windows 7 or 8 or 10(Windows 32bit or 64bit) ,2.9GHZ processor, 6GB ram(memory), intel(R) core(TM) 2 Duo, with or without a graphic card. 

Recommended specs

-Windows 7 or 8 or 10(Windows 32bit or 64bit) ,3.2 GHZ processor ,8GB ram(memory),intel core i5 or Nvidia ,with or without a graphic card.

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Nice job son

Jack-Bandai responds:

Hey yo thanks for the review really appreciate you playing the game


First of all you mentioned that the game would take 15 minutes to download which was going to put me off because a game that requires that much load time doesn't make sense on Newgrounds, and instead should be on something like itch.io. However, i went to the bathroom to piss, came back and it was done. So unless the user has a horrible PC, it should be a minute or two. Now to the game, the game is a fighting game, which I am not super good at, but I have a deep understanding of their mechanics. Basically I know what makes a good fighting game. On to the game, I think it's cool you are trying to make a fighting game, and i support your decision to do so, however there are some issues.
1. The music sucks, like straight up, i was writing this review and had the music in the background and i had to mute my PC because it was droning on and on. And this music was in the training mode. You never want bad music in a training mode because people who play fighting games and get good at them inevitable spend countless hours in training mode practicing, and with shitty music everybody is gonna mute the game. This isn't to make your day bad or anything but it's an issue and it can be resolved, hopefully in a late build.
2. The special move motions are counter-intuitive, inputing right twice or left twice to do a move is bad because tapping left and right is used in spacing all the time, i was trying to move closer to my opponent and i would fire off a move all the time. use down-right or down-back. those are still easy inputs, MK11 style. But using down insures that it's not too bad. Also make the input for specials faster so they dont bleed over into other moves like i said above. This is a pretty easy fix and would help the game a lot.
3. The game has bugs, yes i know it's a prototype but if i don't tell you, then you might miss them. The only major one i found in my short time with the game was that training mode is broken and needs to be reworked.

Jack-Bandai responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it will help me fix the necessary issues of the game yeah I know the music is terrible and the bugs are too many. as for the loading time I will work on that in due time.

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2021
12:58 AM EST