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Comic Reader- Art Forum Battle Royale Volume 1

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Author Comments

This comic reader gadget is a Flash developed App that allows you to:

  • read a webcomic using panel to panel navigation and page to page movement
  • Add a sound track to your webcomic experience
  • Expand upon your webcomic world with a character database, an environments sheet,and an about page.
  • Bookmark important moments in your comic with the bookmark feature.
  • Link to other places like your store, or your website
  • All with the magic of Flash and now Ruffle Emulation

This specific versions of the Comic Reader focuses around the 2004, Art Forum Battle Royale from right here in NG. Read the events in forum-form.

It features 15+ pages of comics taken from the forum and put together in this interactive environment. It's easily navigated using your keyboard keys and the bottom arrows of the book, all with your mouse. If you get stuck for whatever reason, use the bookmarks to get the around, or if all else fails click the top left corner to go back to the beginning and start again.

Have fun, enjoy the show, and if you'd like to give this open source app a try with your own comic, hit me up on Private Message and I'll send you the source .fla (Adobe Flasch AS2) for you to mess around.

Feel free to post your feedback, and any bug you might find. It took me a long time to put this together, and I learned a lot in the process so I might go back and fix some extra bugs on this build, but I am much more interested in doing a Port to Unity so we can go mobile with it. Let's see what the year brings.

Huge thanks to all the artists that worked on this comic more than 17 years ago. Hope this brings joy to y'all.

One last thing, check out the poster at the end with a bunch of characters in the database together and some extra NG chars to have some fun.

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this is an nice game

Mabelma responds:

Thank you! Go check out my newest game:

great game

Mabelma responds:


The art is great at some points and at others very inconsistent. Hard to put a rating on that as I don't think the better artists should suffer because others are stragglers. I'm also not sure if that's the point of this being a battle royale - is the competition only within the confines of the comic, or did the original forum eliminate competitors when their art was trumped by the art of a competing artist?

As far as the rest of the submission, it's pretty clunky. The page flip animation is a bit basic and could have benefitted from being just a bit longer and smoother. It's also disorienting that the frames change only after the animation finishes. There should definitely be a mute button. Most importantly, whatever zoom-in feature is advertised in the help menu doesn't appear to actually work, and this makes most of the dialogue completely unreadable.

dw bro i got u

I'm assuming the comic book panels are stored within a single Movie Clip, and you're navigating between frames on that Movie Clip? If the registry point of that MC is the center of the stage, try this code:


Mabelma responds:

Thank you tons! For the wonderful feedback I will definitely put it into practice for the next version, and I appreciate the code greatly! I’ll check it out πŸ™ŒπŸ™

i aM FrOm tHe F.B.I aND yOu ArE UnDer aRResT bEcAuSe yOuR TeA pARtY dId NOt PrEpAre YOu FOr tHe lEvEl oF VioLeNcE yOu wiLL nEEd On mY MinEfIELd


Mabelma responds:

πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ thanks!

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Jan 15, 2021
5:05 PM EST