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Kitty and Sayuri are hedgehogs who are great friends but also rivals, they are training with Hearthness who is their sensei.

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Youtube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8ar2tqEwrGRm4vkIzzyIFw

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It's a nice throwback to the mid to late 2000s, when Sprite Animations were fairly more prominent, but it also feels a bit stilted and choppy at points.
The animation isn't bad, no, but I do feel like it needs some work to feel a little more lively.
An example of where I feel it could be improved is during the portion of the fight, where they're trading punches with one another.
Instead of the same punch frames being repeated, I'd like to suggest a bit of variety in that they could alternate between left and right hands punching or perhaps the purple hedgehog could throw in a kick and that could clash with the pink hedgehog's fist.

All in all however, this animation is still very nicely done and it makes me feel nostalgic for the internet in the mid to late 2000s.

I miss sprite animations.