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A minimalist platformer game with simple mechanics. Simply reach the exit, if you can.

Basic controls, 50 levels and 2 posible endings.

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It's a momentum-based platformer that is way too simplistic and flat and with so little feedback it was hard to tell there was even a momentum-based element to it at all. I wouldn't really call this challenging, it's really just... boring. Just running and running until you're at the correct speed, then guess the right square to jump from and hope you make it.
The time limit is more of an annoyance than any sort of hindrance - it's not like you lose anything for running out of time. It's inconsequential - there's literally no point to it.

Take note, I only got to level 10 of 50 because at that point I'd decided this game wasn't worth my time. Maybe make the levels longer and increase the effects of momentum a little?
This game is really just a poor man's Exit Path without the Flow Mechanic. ^^;

GAM3D responds:

Thank you for the review, ThePromiseIncarnate.