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KR Double Flash Belt

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When will ___ be added? Once the sounds are ripped and I have time.

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1.00: Double's finally here! A HUGE thanks to all of my Legend Rider tier Patreon supporters for voting for Double as the new flash to take on. It was quite a ride. I'll be posting a poll soon for the next Legend Rider tier project so keep an eye out for that.

All of Double, Accel, Skull, and Eternal's henshin memories are accessible in the drivers. Engine and Prism are also available for henshin in the drivers. Fang and Trial have regular memory versions available for the drivers as well. All memories work with each other in the Double Driver. Want HeatSkull? Go for it. Double pressing the button for any memory with a T2 variant will change the color of the memory's tip.

Once two memories are in the closed Double Driver you'll have the option to summon Xtreme. Xtreme will then use those two memories for the background and driver light colors. So any two memories can go Xtreme. Pressing the center of the Xtreme Memory will activate Gold Xtreme.

To henshin on the Accel Driver hold down the handle when a memory is inserted. Once henshined you can upgrade any memory, except the full size Trial. Only Accel will make a different noise however. If you henshin with the full sized Trial Memory you can use the stopwatch Maximum Drive.

Beyond the henshin memories, Bomb and Unicorn are available for weapons and maximum drive slots. Zone is also available for the maximum drive slot, along with a special animation.

The Metal Shaft, Trigger Magnum, Engine Blade, and Skull Magnum are all included in the flash. The Prism Bicker, and possibly the Eternal Edge, will come later. If you have a memory in a weapon and then insert a memory into the maximum drive slot you will trigger a twin maximum.

You can get an overview of this flash here!

--Features to Come--

  • Prism Bicker
  • Possibly Eternal Edge
  • Shippu/Kirifuda if proper clean sound rips are done

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So yeah it's not properly working, I just did CycloneJoker and the suit is pure white as if it was like FangFang, even when doing Accel it's a white suit background.

Good to know, thanks for the response Comet! Here's hoping this all works out soon!

CometComics responds:

that's due to the emulator right now. the memories, much like the wonder ride books, use layer effects to do the color shading. the white is the shading layer that then has an effect put on it to make it see through and show the color under it. It works fine on flash but due to the swap to the emulator it hasn't been worked out yet. They've said they're looking into getting it working but just hasn't been picked up yet.