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Hotel Halloween Escape

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You have to solve some clues, find a key and go out from room. Good luck!

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Well constructed, it's just that there are two puzzles in particular that I can't wrap my head around. Also, I can't tell if four being misspelled on the tv is supposed to be a clue or if English just isn't your first language.

Very awesome game and keep up the great work.

After playing your escapes for a while now, I kept passing over one puzzle because I thought I needed to collect all the items before attempting it. On my second run, I realized you only need to solve two puzzles to escape.

It seems like a good game i like it

Excellent game! Found a single bug and 2 very little problems:

1-The colored grid won't work if you don't do it completely in a single shot. Went to the bathroom, did the white squares, went back to the bathroom, did the cream squares and it wouldn't work; I had to click 3 times on each square (thus making the same color pattern) to eventually make it working.

2-When you click on the shower button to find the colors associated with the letter K, took me a while to realize you had to click once again on the button to get out of that screen; the arrows at the bottom wouldn't work.

3-I'm just nitpicking at this point, but the reflection on the tv is wrong xD (the 2 other points were the important ones! xD)