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My Tribute to Flash, Showcasing my most Embarrassing work

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This is a compilation of flash animations I've done back when I first learnt flash, at age 19. the quality of these animations are pretty bad and some may probably be blammed if they're uploaded onto Newgrounds as it is. Hence I opt out of any awards for this submission as its just a showcase of my worst work but, as a tribute to flash as it has brought me to where I am now.

Without flash, I would not be trying out animation, and that probably would had put me in a totally different job landscape now if I didn't first self-thought myself how to animate in flash,(they only thought us how to use the flash interface in tech school) almost 18years ago...

So heres some of my worst/embarrassing/cringy work I've done that will NEVER be seen again due to the end of flash, that I've selectively chosen to show how I began from hobbyist animator to, i guess making a living out of it now.

I know and completely understand if you couldn't make it through the entire video, its hard for me too.... but if you did. congratz.

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its really great. also is that you talking? youve gota pretty nice voice for a 19 y/o back then

You had a lot of growth over the years, to say the least. If you have enough time maybe you could remake some of them; turn cringe into hype. Besides, some the later work in this wasn't that bad.


I know you've said before you don't like your earlier work, but doesn't some of this stuff, the time it was from hold some good memories for you? I loved browsing geocities sites and finding anime animations and stuff like yours. I even read Megatokyo for a bit back in the day, I read tons of webcomics, QC, Darken, Geist Panik, Crazy Sunshine, Happletea, Yeah a bunch of them were cringe, all the edgy DA art I liked was cringe, but somewhere in there, I still like that stuff, but can't really express it openly. Anyway, the point is, you clearly cared about this stuff a little bit since you held onto it, and I'm happy you did since there's lots I never saw before. We should hold on to as many memories as we can.

NCH responds:

yeah.. I kinda held on to almost all my flash animations I've done since the start. and thought its kinda a appropriate day to show some tribute to the death of flash by showing how I started off =)

un gran recuerdo tendra en nuestros corazones flash ahora lo de tu video se puede ver un cringe moderado excepto los de naruto eso si estuvieron un poco pesados pero admitámoslo todos hemos hecho esas cosas excepto las fotos y tal vez tener la bandana y ser raro a tus 15 creeme ya he vivido eso. a lo de tus animaciones estan muy buenas unas mas que otras y en mi opinion de un año a otro si avanzaste bastante bien no lo dudo en fin adobe estara en nuestros corazones por siempre no se si sea bueno darle tantas estrellas por que es como un cringe challenge, solo por adobe flash