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Author Comments

Platfoban is a Sokoban-style puzzle game with a platforming element! You need to collect all the coins at every level. There are two modes in the game: the platforming mode, in which you can run and jump, and the Sokoban mode, in which you can move blocks, coins, etc. In Sokoban mode, chest monsters wake up, attack, and chase the main character. In platforming mode, chests sleep and can be used as platforms. Walkthrough: https://youtu.be/DDY6CUvnx5Y.

Walkthrough for levels 18 and 19: https://youtu.be/6kMRSm39NMY

Fix 1:

1.Changed levels 18, 19. (I am not sure but now level 19 is hard)

Fix 2:

Speed of the hero, chests, blocks is increased by ~ 30% (for both modes)

Fix 3:

Fixed mobile controls.

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Very music, nice pixel art and great puzzles, but jumping around an edge is painful.
Good job!

(btw, I love how you can still die after completing a level and you get both the 'level completed' and 'level failed' messages)

Difficulty curve was REAL weird. 16-22 crazy hard. Everything past still had some gentle challenges, but comparably easier. Great game and amazing puzzle mechanics. Played all the way through and really enjoyed!

Music is so kickass! Despite the gameplay and level design that are good enough.

encountred a bug where I can walk through walls but not coins idk
level 15

adgard responds:

don't remember number of level?