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Fixed It! : Foamy The Squirrel

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Foamy mods Germaine's old laptop... for reasons.


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At least Flash still works fine on XP. :) Foamy not just fixing worldly problems now but actually real shit too huh... props on environmental promo shizzle. Good stuff.


i like foamy's high pithed "muthafucka!!" lol

Enlightened self-interest can be such a motivator.. even in squirrels it seems

I'd like to....fix her.

Hmm, I do wonder if it would be easier not to fix. Well, my brother would know more about that anyway. Foamy seems more expressive. You can tell a lot without a mouth. I got a new laptop awhile ago. The cartoon goes on for too long.

I mean, the talking at the end. It seems unnecessary. The voices haven't changed. You still need to have more going on. It still reminds me of Jhonen Vasquez.