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Week Demo

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Very short. I only ever used flash to make animations and a very gaudy website. And that was 3.0 so this was mostly trying to re-teach myself things in a sensible amount of time.

Works on my android though... couldn't test an apple device.

I have an idea for a game but the program for making it will probably have to be a little stouter than flash actionscript 2.0.

As for flash. I have never been able to get out of it exactly what I like. but it has always been very convenient to use. I may transition to programs that are more my speed eventually but it was a good learning program.

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I enjoy that's easy and artsy, I think my wife would enjoy this alot, it actually feels like dream in how short and somewhat light on detail it is. It's really good.

Holy cow this is great! Perfect balance of adorable and forboding! (That little pop at the begining was great.) The hallway is also one of the most inventive rooms I've seen in a point and click game!

the art style is very very awesome

This has a whole lot of potential. I love the art style!

So much potential. This is filled me with inspiration. Love the art. Do add more.