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Author Comments

A small civilization building game with a hexagonal map, written in JavaScript. Start from a small village, grow your city and establish colonies, and spread your influence around the world.


Simplified rules and streamline for starting players. I think this is a lot better :)

  • No food or wood workers. Cities collect all resources from neighbour tiles.
  • Growth happens at constant rate, 1/10 turns, when there is enough food.
  • The first city has 1 builder, but other workers become priests.
  • Progress bars for growth and builders.


Add more control over how city level affects influence. This is done by assigning workers.

  • Priests increase influence directly.
  • Tributes increase influence in another city but cost a lot of food.
  • Merchants have two effects:
  • increase food production in both sender and receiver cities
  • move 1 influence from each city to the other
  • Builders make colonies (and nothing else contributes)

These come with changes to the UI and the AI.


  • Bugfix: The AI player was keeping it's resources between games.
  • The tutorials had become too tricky with the changes to how influence works. Moved a forest to balance things out a bit.


  • Quick fix to make home panel buttons work


  • Renamed city level to population. Updated the tutorial and added city's influence level to the city panel. 
  • Rebalancing: cities get an influence level for each 3 population.


  • Set fixed font size. In previous versions font size was dependent on screen size, which is a problem when the game area is constant
  • Restructuring the code for future changes. I hope I didn't break anything :)

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I think the 2.0 and 2.1 updates are pretty interesting! One thing I would be interested in is a better trading mechanic. In 2.0, one of my preferred strategies would be to, for most cities, set all "new workers" to be farmer/fisher, and then any excess workers would go towards trading.

What made that sort of experience semi-streamlined is that whenever a worker became available, it would be displayed in the "advisor" section, meaning I could go ahead and send the worker to trade with another city. (By the way, one thing I would also recommend is somehow highlighting which city is selected when a city is selected. Also, a minor bug I noticed in 2.0 was that whenever a worker became available and I had the advisor screen open, the advisor screen would not update. I would have to click away from the advisor tab and go back to it in order to update the available workers)

Another idea I've had is a sort of a way to see where traders are going, what cities have lots of incoming traders, etc. I'm still re-doing the tutorials for 2.1, but in 2.0 there were situations where one of my cities would be overwhelmed by foreign traders, and so it would spontaneously turn into one of their cities. I actually really like the mechanic, it makes things interesting, and maybe changing it would kill that, BUT I imagined it could be useful to have something like a "toggle-able overlay" that will display something like, the trade balance for various cities, etc.

rantahar responds:

Thanks, that's really nice to hear!

Those are all really good ideas. The overlay should probably display when a city is selected.

I wanted the advisor to tell you when a city is 'under attack' (trying to overwhelm a city is actually coded in the AI). I guess this does not work, or not very well. Anyway, the trade overlay would be better.

Short, simple, but addictive once you figure out how to play.

Interesting. I didn't get the game right, but enjoy the graphics

rantahar responds:

Thanks! There is still some work on making the rules more clear and explaining them better.

By the way, if you do like the graphics, they are from opengameart.org/content/pixel-art-terrain-from-elite-command and opengameart.org/content/toens-medieval-strategy-sprite-pack-v10-16x16. And they are nice.

Neat concept and a fun little game. Rather soothing, could do with a bit of nice music.

rantahar responds:

Thanks for the tip! I will think about it and see what I can find.

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2021
1:24 PM EST