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Medieval Chronicles 11

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Author Comments

It's Christmas Eve and Felicia is chasing Santa for breaking and entering into homes. Santa jumps into a house only to find a depressed author murdered. Dregg must find the real killer to save Santa and in turn Christmas before midnight otherwise Christmas is ruined.

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So meta. And... that ending made me sad.

When I check the toilet from the left I see something unusual .
Other than that I guess I never realized the "alway keep them craving for more answers" theme until now, but I think I'll still drop by. Also if you want to get some dilligence under your belt I suggest starting with dopamine detox .

When it started, I was like "Douche Dregg?! Here?! Oh no, not again!" Seriously, he's the only and one Dregg that creeps me out to the bones.

Also... When you approach the toilet from the left, a random body appears... I'm not complaining, just pointing it out. It's a nice body!

I'm not ashamed to say I first met your games as a Badge Gremlin! But I love them, okay? I got hooked from the first one I played (it was the 4th Medieval Chronicles. Badge of the Day) and now I wait all the updates!


Always loved playing these games!

Well don't bee too harsh on Kong's badge as it's probably what helped people to start playing your games (like me) but yeah i guess badge hunter wouldn't like long game like this...

But well the best is that the true fans will continue to play the game with or without badge anyway so...

It was very fun and i'm looking forward to the next release (well i'm pretty sure i'll be late like always...)