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Reviews for "Medieval Chronicles 11"


That ending, while bizarre, is one that I loved. These Chronicles keep making me wonder how much is intertwined with the main story. Going based off of Chronicles 10 (spoilers? Why would you be on 11 before 10?) though, I'm assuming that each Chronicle is something like an alternate timeline. Knowing that THAT is apparently in an alternate timeline has some implications that I'm very interested in.

It's really cool how fans got to get involved and help produce something pretty dang funny. I also find the outcry against hostile badge gremlins pretty respectable. It's nice to know that my favorite author got a chance to vent a little and didn't feel restrained to the point of suffocation to keep things professional with every game. Oh also, I live under a rock so I somehow didn't make the connection between kongregate's shutdown with the end of Flash, so I'm grateful that the effects of it's passing, as well as it's reason, was brought to my attention in such an enjoyable way.

I've been following this game since Medieval Cop 1.
Medieval Cop series is one of my fave series after Epic Battle Fantasy series.

When I was active on Kongregate, I saw on VasantJ visitor page, I don't see the bad mouthing words from player or bad critiques to this series. The only one I saw is AntiVillain, it said that the game relies on mouse too much. I don't know about your private messages.

Until now, I still like this series.

yes me love

O.O i wanna join the discord server. please help me. enlighten me with your eternal depressions.