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Dice Mice

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iu_220373_8464165.png Introduction

In Dice Mice, players take the role as a posh mouse fighting through trash monsters that have taken over your land. In your disposal you have five dice that can be used for attacking the monsters five different cores.

Defeat monsters by attacking their heart core, but just focusing on that core won’t do you any good, you have to take into account the attack and defence core as well. If you are feeling adventurous during a fight then try to go for a quintuple for an instant victory!

Just know that if things get tough there is always the flee core; run from the battle and try a new one! Maybe the next encounter will be in your favor? Or if you are in a real pinch, try to build on the bandage core to heal during battle!

After each defeated monster you earn loot, you will need it to defeat your nemesis! 

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Keyboard: Arrow keys, Z and X

Controller: D-pad / Joystick, A and B


Sebastian Lind Twitter

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idk what i am doing

Part of the fun was figuring how to play and then other part was figuring out good strategic moves. Well done!

A bit obtuse to figure out- but once you do, it's a fun experience!

After bumbling along for half an hour, I still hardly know what I'm doing. The first monster I fought (Oscar the grouch?) didn't seem to get any help from his defense stat, yet the second one (a puking seagull?) is seemingly impervious to my attacks. I assume that it must be his 26 defense, but I can't get any triples (at least I think that's what "trips" refers to) so I can't know for sure.

I nearly gave up sooner but I thought I should give it a good go. As is I'm still stumbling through the dark, trying in vain to see the bigger picture, so now I give up.

Absolutely enjoy the mechanics. Very fun rogue-like.
I have a few criticisms:
1. The fly leader. What. The. Fuck. This thing is dangerous at any stage of the game, no matter how much health/upgrades you have (unless you have the one that lowers attack quickly enough, or you get lucky enough to get 4 pairs in 2 rounds)
2. No explanation on how the copy dice works, even when you are selecting it. Please add some sort of explanation A.) When you select the item B.) When you hover over the copy dice after rolling
3. As someone has mentioned before, a lot of the fights can be reduced to: Reduce Attack/Heal, Reduce Defense/Heal, Kill them (with a minor step of reducing attack every 1-2 turns after step 1 for Monster Leaders). It helps make the game easier to win, but it can also feel a little mundane.
4. Because of the way the gameplay works, a lot of items (such as the one that reflects damage at half of what you take) are not as helpful as they turn out to be. I don't have an exact list, but I do think there are other items in that category (such as the Heal 18 HP item).

I give this high praise for having good graphics, a nice UI once you get used to it (Not gonna comment on the controls, Pico is Pico.), and a fun loop between getting items up to the boss.
Overall, really good job.

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2021
8:18 AM EST
  • PICO-8
  • Aseprite