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Protect The Core

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Author Comments

Controls :

  • WASD to move
  • Hold left click to dash with enough energy

Combos :

When you kill an enemy before the combo bar depletes, your combo increases by one. The bigger the combo, the less time you have before it breaks. Your combo will multiply your score AND your energy.

Energy :

Energy will allow you to use a dash attack. When you hold left click, charge an attack and launch yourself towards your cursor. This attack pierces enemies.

Enemies :

Enemies will always aim for the core. Killing them will give you an amount of energy depending on your current combo, but it will also slightly increase the speed of every other enemy.

The core :

The core has 4 health point represented by how chipped up it is. The game stops when it reaches 0 so you have to do your best to protect it. When hit by an enemy, the core will change trajectory for a moment, which can make it bounce on other enemies and be extremely dangerous.

Changelog :

1.1.9 :

  • Added pause menu
  • Changed controls to make them easier to use
  • Modified the HUD
  • Added sound option
  • Modified the dash attack (now piercing instead of auto-pilot)
  • Added small tutorial
  • Added visual representation of current health
  • Changed difficulty scaling

1.0.0 :

  • First release of the game

About :

This game was made in 3 days using the free version of construct 3 for a school project. The theme was chosen by using 2 random words found by a random word generator, and getting Triangle and Descent. Updates are possible although unlikely since Construct 3 only allows for 50 events without using the premium version, but I will make sure to do some bug fixes !

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Good concept, but the controls _are_ a bit floaty. I don't feel like it needs MUCH tightening-up, cos it's clearly intentional, so don't go too far with it. Also, I feel like the charge attack could be improved by a little icon showing which direction the character will go if M1 is released at that moment.
Visually it looks just fine. Aside from the icon I mentioned, don't change a thing.
As for the tutorial, I could take it or leave it. If I don't see one in-game, I usually know to check the Author Comments. But if you did add one, you really don't need much. Couple words on the title screen should be more than enough.

Good stuff! Keep it up!

Just played a bit of You Are A Triangle and I think it's got a few things that would work in this game too. I think the "You Are A Triangle, But The Floor Is Slippery" part is just about right for this game. Still floaty, but a bit less. Also, the little purple icon when there's a powerup available is pretty much exactly what I was talking about above, with the direction icon when charging. Just thought it would clarify things a bit.
Comment #2
I'm really happy to hear that you were so interested in my review. To be honest, I mostly did it because the other reviews were just vague and mean. So I felt like being thorough with mine. I played the 1.1.9 build a few times and I'm impressed with the changes! The controls are quite a bit better now, and make the first half-minute of the game a lot more fun before it starts to get challenging. The movement is *just* floaty enough still that it takes some getting used to, which is great. It's also very satisfying to have those controlled ricochets off of the enemies.

The pause menu is good, and I was just about to say how the sound button is only usable on the main menu, but I found it on the pause menu too! Good thinking.

The charge attack is MUCH easier to use now, but I almost think it should be an unlock or a power-up at this point. Having it from pretty-much the beginning is fun and cool, but doesn't really feel as special to have. Maybe after 30-45 seconds of play, you can unlock it or something? There's no question that the player will NEED it at that point.

The visuals are still excellent. The minimal color use keeps things nice and simple, and conveys what's going on without having to straight-up TELL the player. Never forget that SHOW-DON'T-TELL is a good rule for games too. The tutorial was just enough too. I kind of like how it shows right as the game starts, so you get a sense of urgency to read it quickly and not lose any health before you can finish it.

Great improvement overall, but it continues to be a very solid concept from the start.

Psonbre responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback ! I made a lot of modifications to the game and your comment helped a ton ! I added a small tutorial, tweaked the controls and changed the dash attack completely to make it more skill based. I hope you like the changes !

the main issues is that the lack of control you have is at many times frustrating, at sometimes making it near imposable to kill and enemy before it reaches the core, so I think making the player slide less would be an improvement. another thing that needs improvement is the dash, its too simple, if it were to pierce through enemy when dashing to one or send a small shock wave after it dashed then there would be more strategy involved.

Psonbre responds:

Thanks for the feedback ! Actually I did notice there was something wrong with the dash but I couldn't put my finger on it. I'll try doing what you said as it's probably better than what it currently is. And for the controls, I never though they were too hard or frustrating, but I did spend a lot of time getting used to it while programming, so I'll try to find a way to make them less frustrating without removing too much of the challenge.


Made some changes to the game ! I used your idea for the dash and I think it's waay better than the last one!

Awesome particles and effects <3

Psonbre responds:

Thanks !

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2021
9:34 AM EST