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Do you like space shooter games? And Upgrades games? And Time Attack games? And achievements? This game is for you!


You can use the mouse or the keyboard to control the ship, change this in settings.

If you are using keyboard mode, activate the autofire with the left mouse click, use WASD or ARROW keys to move the ship, fire with SPACEBAR.

If you are using the mouse, you can activate the autofire using the keyboard SPACEBAR, move the mouse to move your ship, use LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire.

Or you can activate the autofire in the build menu.


Você gosta de jogos de nave? E de jogos com atualizações? E de jogos para bater o tempo? E de jogos com Conquistas? Este jogo é para você!


Você pode usar o mouse ou o teclado para controlar a nave, troque isso em configurações.

Se você estiver usando o modo teclado, ative o autotiro com o clique esquerdo do mouse, use WASD ou SETAS do teclado para mover sua nave, atire com o a tecla ESPAÇO.

Se você estiver usando o mouse, você pode ativar o autotiro usando a barra de espaço do teclado, mova o mouse para mover sua nave, atire com o CLIQUE ESQUERDO do mouse.

Ou você pode ativar o autotiro no menu de melhorias.




Checking the problem with the keyboard by rolling the screen.

Fixed mission 19 and consequently 24.

Fixed a bug in the sound that kept the speed up if the mission finished within the final 10 seconds.

Fixed mission 11 that was starting with 14 seconds.

Fixed the PowerUps on the last boss.

Fixed a bug in the depth, where objects passed over the GUI.



Verificando o problema com o teclado rolando a tela.

Corrigida a missão 19 e consequentemente a 24.

Corrigido um bug no som que mantinha a velocidade aumentada caso terminasse a missão dentro dos 10 segundos finais.

Corrigido a missão 11 que estava iniciando com 14 segundos.

Corrigido os PowerUps no último chefão.

Corrigido um bug na profundidade, onde os objetos passavam por cima da GUI.

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Keyboard controls don't work. Also I'm not sure mission 19 is possible?

LLGameDev responds:

I'll change mission 19 in a little while. =)

Pretty cool and addictive, but still a little unfinished.
Destroyer 4 achievement doesn't work when Destroyer 5 is already unlocked.
Also, mission 19 is pretty much unbeatable; I can easily destroy everything that comes into my view and still can't get enough coins. Almost 900 is the best I can get, and I tried a lot. Maybe if the alien creatures that shoot would drop more coins it would be more achievable.
Up until this point, I achieved everything I could achieve (even the 3 patience badges; the third one was a PAIN to do) excluding Destroyer 6 and that broken Destroyer 4, and it was pretty fun :)
Also, tying the achievements to NG medals would be cool as hell, too

LLGameDev responds:

Hello, first, thanks for the compliment, I'm glad you had fun. About the achievements linked to the NG medals I will still check on that. On mission 19 I will review and arrange it for a smaller amount of coins, because the coins are of different values ​​each, they are according to the size of your level, already in the collection missions, it does not matter, so I'll fix it. And
about the destroyer missions, you should note that there are three types of meteors, they are: "Meteoroids (the largest), Meteors (the medium ones) and Meteorites (the smallest), it is possible to complete the Destroyer 6 mission before the others, because there are more Meteorites than the others =)(google tradutor)

Couldn't get the WASD controls to work but I switched it to mouse and I got it working :)

Graphics are absolutely adorable. The sharp pixels and the modern controls strike a great balance. Great job!

LLGameDev responds:

Thank you! Hope you can defeat the last boss!!

I think this problem with WASD is from the NG site, this happens to on itch.io, but don't happen on Game Jolt. You can refresh the page and click only in the game, without scroll the page. But I prefer play this game on mouse haha.

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2021
9:11 PM EST