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I sure don't skate but I think I would be pretty good at it because I play more Tony Hawk Pro Skater then you do bucko. Not gonna lie I'm really good at the game, every time I do a sick flip the girls just come to me, literally it's pretty sweet. But I only like 2d women so it's a bit of a let down. I just wished they had outlines that's all. Maybe I'm just being closed minded.

Happy new year everybody!! I hope this year I'll actually stop messing around and do some original stuff. I still got to finish a few projects for some of my pals. But I hope I finally get to spit out my ideas out this year. Even better then this cartoon.

Good Show

Special thanks for all the screams I got, this cartoon wouldn't have been anything without you . Okay I'm tired and want to sleep. Goodnight everyone.

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looks like triothy

Scoots is more of a main character, imo. The fact you made him a side character without really exploring the arc of what and who Scoots is, really peeved me off. But honestly, I gotta give up to the people who made the ramp. The ramp is the star of the show and I appreciate you showing me the ramp. And don't worry about the injury, it looks like it's just a flesh wound; you can easily mend that with hydrogen peroxide and a bandage. Next time, don't do business deals with an actual gorilla--hire a fake one. It hurts less. I don't believe those screams--you can totally tell that they weren't that upset their skateboard broke. You should take acting classes, the Olsen Twins could've done a better job. I'm sorry, that was a little too harsh--it was better than the Olsen Twins but not better than Tony Danza, but also maybe pay The Rock Johnson for a cameo next time??? Just thinking out loud here??? Today, I talked with VoicesByCorey and he said he likes voice acting and The Rock Johnson. Just saying. This also has me wondering--what was in that suitcase?? Here's my guess: the gorilla wanted to be like Seto Kaiba and carry around a case of Duel Monsters cards, but then it realized it was sh*tty hand-me-down pokemon cards. So you kinda deserved that beatdown. Sorry not sorry, with much love, also I like your animation, and I ate Cheerios for breakfast, simply said, at the end of the day, as well as, otherwise, Xinxinix.

Tiltro responds:

Hey that’s my line! Listen punk, you got a lot of nerve stealing my likeness. Do you know who I am? I’m kinda a big deal around here.Like we’re you raise in a barn filled to brim with orangutans or do you chew butter and piss out fish oil. Don’t even put that picture in my head. Also your review should’ve been longer just thinking out loud here so please don’t get mad at me. Thanks for giving me oppression memories dingbat good going Pispisix. Your not a Roman numeral so stop trying to be. All my Pokémon cards were destroyed by a mixture of the heat of sun and green crayons so don’t you have to crunch bottles up your stretched out asshole. Sorry for saying asshole I’ll never say asshole anyways nobody asked for your yummy asshole surprise party opinion so go dig a ditch.

Shouldn't have worn banana cologne

Tiltro responds:

I’m going to throw bird feed on your legs if you don’t stop this wacky nonsense.
This is not a threat it’s a warning. Have a blessed day

Ant responds:

But I thought it was a diabetic pumpkin?


Tiltro responds:

Syringeing my bloody oatmeal in to my papping hole with my syringe. Did they change the yellow reaction faces?

Ant responds:


hi mom