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I sure don't skate but I think I would be pretty good at it because I play more Tony Hawk Pro Skater then you do ducko. Not gonna lie I'm really good at the game, every time I do a sick flip the girls just come to me literally it's pretty sweet. But I only like 2d women so it's a bit of a let down. I just wished they had outlines that's all. Maybe I'm just being closed minded.

Happy new year everybody!! I hope this your I'll actually stop messing around and do some original stuff. I still got to finish a few projects for some of my pals but I hope I finally get to spit out my ideas out this year. Even better then this cartoon.

Good Show

Special thanks for all the screams I got, this cartoon wouldn't be anything without you. Okay I'm tired and want to sleep. Goodnight everyone.

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hi mom


made laugh funny haha

wowiesaurus the screamin' dinosaur


ouchie i broke my spiney

would be nice if there was a headphone warning lmao, but seriously, this shit is so gooood