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At the end of the line, Teddy becomes the new CEO of Stickmen Entertainment LLC and runs the company into the ground. A loosely Christmas-related tale of tragedy and redemption. (Hope you don't mind the rough edges, I went to hell and back to finish this on time.)

This is the finale of this series. I've done everything I want to do with it and now I'm ready to move on. Thank you to everyone who watched this year!

Here's a playlist of behind-the-scenes for how I make my videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQFHz8gBr0Q&list=PL1IR2gCDHo8LGu3HeBwTDSHr_K6kuWKad

Also here's a link to get a commemorative Stickmen 2020 shirt: https://shop.wavetro.net/

...Wait is that a fucking Discord invite? https://discord.gg/JtQYe5ZJUK

kolani, voice of newscaster: https://twitter.com/koralstar_

rgpanims, voice of voicemail guy: https://youtube.com/RafaGamersProduction

kindadrake, voice of miller: https://twitter.com/Kinda_Drake

jschlatt, voice of new york resident: https://youtube.com/jschlattLIVE

3D city environments by TAGAPAW


Music by Brock Berrigan



youtube mirror: https://youtu.be/6MTXhzHki8Q

overworld: https://wavetro.net/

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Dang, I remember when I first discovered your videos and they were always amazing. hope things go well

w h e e s e this is amazing! I didn’t even notice that there were rough edges! Quality Content.

So long old friend, heres to the future!

funny how some of the characters are voiced by the same guy.

Very cool :)