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For more badass tunes from Lou Kelly:

HALF ASSED WEBSITE - https://loukellyproductions.wordpress.com/

BANDCAMP - https://ltkmusic.bandcamp.com

FACENOVEL - https://facebook.com/LouKellyMusic

TWATTER - https://Twitter.comLouKellyMusic1

INSTAGRAMCRACKER - https://www.instagram.com/loukellymusic

More animation like this? Check out: http://nekrotherium.com/

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love hoe the animation and art style look and horror/gross like look to it all either way gets a 9/10 to me

So yeah I'm totally in love with this sexy white girl. I have no idea what's going on, but I love her ass and the demonic essence here. I just feel like I'm at home here. It's a beautiful atmosphere you have created and I would love a t-shirt. You have made a very freakishly awesome music video? I guess it is. Looks like paradise. Take me! TAKE ME Now! As long as she's there. I voted it 4th in my monthly.

I think it's more shocking to me that you made me like it this much when the graphics could be better, but they don't suck. It's hard to explain. I think what I'm trying to say is... for more basic graphics you sure did get a lot of great detail in. You really worked that backdrop! The environment is insane.

I am so confused but this was really good so uuuhhh five stars.

I hate it, but the animation is really cool and fits the music well.

I'm gonna hurl, but good job.

She’s yummy and this toonrocked hard. I think Frank Zappa would have loved this.

Edit: I’ve watched this ten times and it gets better with each viewing. And I understand it better with each viewing.